Karamat of Gaus E Pak ( Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani )

      A distressed young man once came to Ghaus-e-Azam and said, 'Ya Sayyidi!  I saw my late father in a dream last night and he was saying, 'Oh son!  I am being subjected to punishment in my grave. Go to Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and ask him to pray for me.' After listening to this, the King of Baghdad asked, 'Did your late father ever pass by my Madrassa?'  The son replied, 'Yes (he did).'  Ghaus-e-Azam went quiet and the young man went away. The next day the son returned looking extremely happy and said, 'Oh Murshid!  Last night my late father came in my dream again. He was wearing green (Heavenly) clothing and was looking very happy. He said to me 'Oh son!  By the blessing of Sayyiduna Ghaus-e-Azam I have been saved from the punishment and in exchange I have been dressed in this green (Heavenly) dress.  My dear son!  You must always remain in his presence.' After listening to this, the Sheikh said, 'My Lord has promised me that the punishment of any Muslim who passes by my Madrassa will be reduced.'